Chicks usually start hatching by the end of August, so the first are ready for their new homes in October. These will go to people that have been on the list since June or July! Please email to check availability.

Chick sales are organized by order or enquiry and we do have a wait list ( again!! ) going into the current season. Best way to 'get on the list' is to send us an email :)

We encourage the purchase of young birds to establish familiarity and trust.

Colors are subject to stock available at the time of purchase.
We breed, sell and recommend Pekin Bantams, as well as Bantam Langshans.

Below is a young pekin frizzle rooster....frizzled pekins are gorgeous!!!


And this is what Pekins look like......

PLEASE NOTE   - We do prioritize 'package sales' ( the whole coop and caboodle - coop, chooks, feeder,bedding, food, etc. ..), and there may be a longer wait for 'just' chook sales.

The white hen below is a pure breed Frizzle....

8 week old "blue" Bantam Langshan hen

Unfortunately we very rarely have ‘egg laying’ chickens such as Isa Browns or Rhode Island Reds available as we recommend

bantams for suburban gardens.