I / We agree that……………………….


1. I / We shall protect the incubator from all possible damage and follow implicitly,

the instructions given to us in the booklet provided with the incubator.


2. Only adults shall be permitted to operate the incubator and all possible means shall be taken

to prevent tampering with the incubator whilst incubation is in progress.


3. If we do remove the eggs in order to ‘candle’ them at approximately 10 days gestation,

we will do so as quickly as possible, in a warm room, in order to minimize stress to the egg.


4. I / We shall be liable for any/all damages to said incubator.


5.  BookAChook shall not be held liable for any injuries caused

by the incubator.


6. BookAChook will deliver three fresh (*fertile) eggs, but will not guarantee they will hatch into chicks.

Lots of factors will influence the hatching of a chick from an egg, including fertility, temperature,

humidity, and stress. No incubator will ever match the expertise of a ‘broody hen’, natures way,

in which to hatch chicks ♥

(* We shall do our very best to ensure that the eggs are indeed fertile)


7. BookAChook agrees that if the incubation process is completely unsuccessful and NO chicks hatch

from the eggs provided, then the incubator rental will be extended for a further 21 day period and

new eggs provided OR 2 young chicks will be provided ‘free of charge’ as soon as they become available.



BookAChook aims to,’ make people happy with the love of a chook’


And as such, we aim to keep our prices affordable.

We will endeavor to keep the required bond to a minimum, but will require a current photo ID upon

delivery of the incubator and eggs.


We have paid the $100.00 bond required for the incubator and understand it will be returned in full,

upon pickup of the above incubator in its pre-rental condition.


We know that we need to be available for pickup, at a time agreed on by BookAChook and ourselves

or forfeit $50 of our bond as a return fee.



We understand that we can contact BookAChook with any enquiries

we may have during the rental agreement

on 0438540664 or via email at debra@bookachook.com.au




Signed                     ….……………………………...