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Bringing a little country to your back yard.....

Poultry are rewarding, useful and entertaining pets.

They’re great with the kids; you get fresh eggs and if you think an aquarium is relaxing, just wait until you’ve watched a hen scratch around for a while. The kids have a ball finding and feeding them all sorts of worms and bugs.  It’s the ultimate relaxation therapy!


BookAChook gives you the opportunity to try for yourself, without the commitment.


                              That's right, a ‘try before you buy!!’

BookAChook delivers all over Melbourne, VIC and we’ll supply the coop, the chooks, the food, and plenty of good advice  on how you can bring a little of the country into your own back yard.  Give it a go..fall in love, we have!

 Blue bantam Langshan                                                                                                Buff bantam Pekin            


I currently have a limited number of black bantam Pekins and black bantam Langshans available, 8-10 weeks old, $40 each, guaranteed hens and vaccinated against Marek's Disease.

Collect on Sundays from Ferny Creek (outer eastern suburbs) or Main Ridge (Mornington Peninsula). Please email to confirm availability.

I don't have point of lay or adult hens for sale at the moment.


This season I am focussing on the bantam Pekins - my lovely fluffy, friendly girls, and the bantam Langshans - pretty, productive, curious backyard layers.


Rental packages available for delivery.

Check the Buy and Rent page for more information.

Santosha Permaculture Design Consultancy

              I'm now offering a permaculture design consultancy service. Please click on the link above for more information, or email


Interested in Alpacas?

We are!

For more information please go to

Open now in Flinders - take a look at the amazing alpaca products in The Little Alpaca Shop - luxury designer knit wear, throw rugs and homewares, beanies, scarves, fleece, yarn and accessories.