Events coming up: Come and see us at the Diggers Harvest Festival on 15th and 16th March, and on Sunday 30th March for Introduction to Chook-keeping workshops, at Heronswood, Dromana. See for details.

Bringing a little country to your back yard.....

Poultry are rewarding, useful and entertaining pets.

They’re great with the kids; we get fresh eggs and if you think an aquarium is relaxing, just wait until you’ve watched a hen scratch around for a while. The kids have an absolute ball finding and feeding them all sorts of worms and bugs.  It’s the ultimate relaxation therapy!


BookAChook gives you the opportunity to try for yourself, without the commitment.



                              That's right, a ‘try before you buy!!’

BookAChook delivers all over Melbourne, VIC and we’ll supply the coop, the chooks, the food, and plenty of good advice  on how you can bring a little of the country into your own back yard.  Give it a go..fall in love, we have!


                    Rental packages currently available.

 Blue bantam Langshan                                                                                                 Buff bantam Pekin                


The hatching season is winding down for Autumn. I still have bantam Langshans and some bantam Silver laced Wyandottes hatching. The Pekins are slowing right down, so not many are hatching.

This season I am focussing on the bantam Pekins - my lovely fluffy, friendly girls, and the bantam Langshans - pretty little curious backyard layers.

I rarely have point of lay or adult hens for sale as they are all sold as chicks.


Please email to add your name to the "chicklist."



Santosha Permaculture Design Consultancy

              I'm now offering a permaculture design consultancy service. Please click on the link above for more information, or email


Interested in Alpacas?

We are!

The Little Alpaca Shop at Summerhill Farm, 264 Barkers Rd, Main Ridge, is open to the public from 10am - 4pm each weekend.

For more information and location details please go to

You are welcome to drop in any time over the weekend to visit the alpacas, find out more from the breeders and take a look at the amazing alpaca products in The Little Alpaca Shop - luxury designer knit wear, throws and homewares, beanies, scarves, fleece, yarn and accessories.