Bringing a little country to your back yard.....

Poultry are rewarding, useful and entertaining pets.


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Currently available: a few point of lay silkie bantam pullets $50 each. Colours are pale grey-blue and dark charcoal grey.

CHOOKS!!! They’re great with the kids; you get fresh eggs and if you think an aquarium is relaxing, just wait until you’ve watched a hen scratch around for a while. The kids have a ball finding and feeding them all sorts of worms and bugs.  It’s the ultimate relaxation therapy!


BookAChook gives you the opportunity to try for yourself, without the commitment.


                              That's right, a ‘try before you buy!!’

BookAChook delivers all over Melbourne, Victoria, and we’ll supply the coop, the chooks, the food, and plenty of good advice  on how you can bring a little of the country into your own back yard.  Give it a go..fall in love, we have!


    Blue bantam Langshan                    Bantam silver laced Wyandottes                       Buff bantam Pekin            


Rental packages available now for delivery.


Breeding season has now finished. Just like asparagus, tomatoes and many good things, chooks are seasonal creatures. Maybe we appreciate them more that way!

Hatching seaon will start again in Spring with plans for many more bantam Pekins, Frizzles, Silver Laced Wyandottes and Langshans. Chicks should be available LATE Spring, but no guarantees!

Please email to place your name on the list for Packages (coop and chicks) or chicks only. Priority is given to Package orders.

Please email to confirm availability and details.

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Please be patient! Even chooks need a rest sometimes! It's hard work being a mother hen!



Santosha Permaculture Design Consultancy

         Permaculture design and education/workshop consultancy available.

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Permaculture Design Course May-August 2016


                             Interested in Alpacas?  We are!

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