The Facts (and the MYTHS!)


A fact - They make great pets for kids...YES, YES and YES!!


All our chooks have been raised from chicks and are very tame. They all eat from our hands, and run to the door of the coop whenever they see us.

We recommend ‘Pekins’ as the best birds to keep as pets. They are gentle, tame ‘mini’ chooks with great temperaments.

The more time you spend with your chooks, the more relaxed they will become in your presence.  Most of my chooks (including Felix the rooster as you can see!), are easily picked up and like being gently patted.


And the children just love baby chicks! Having raised dozens now, the girls are so excited with
every hatch. Chicks are great fun for kids and grown ups alike!!


Another fact - They are the cheapest pets you'll own!

Chooks can be fed all sorts of leftovers and table scraps but will need a blend of seeds as well.
I find it costs less than 20 cents a day in seed to feed a chook! Almost as cheap as a goldfish,

but much more fun… And they’ll provide you with the best tasting eggs you’ll ever eat!



A myth - They're messy!

Chooks poo!  Just like any other animal… But it’s just poo…AND people pay for it!!

We allow our chooks to free range through the entire backyard. This includes our verandah. I don’t see a problem here at all. Chook poo is tiny. Healthy chooks will leave little pellets that are easily swept up or picked up. I think a small dog leaves more mess than six chooks...


Another Myth - They're noisy!!

Roosters are noisy, yes. But roosters are also banned in most suburban areas, so you need to check with your local council as to whether or not you can keep one. I know roosters are banned here in my local area, but everyone seems to know someone who has one here...I do!

Your ability to keep a rooster will depend on your neighbors, the size of the rooster, and you...You must be pro-active and do the right thing... We believe that you should ultimately consider your neighbors. Anything other than complete respect for your neighbors peace is bad karma and bad manners...

Full size roosters can be really loud and I wouldn't recommend one on the city. Bantam roosters however, are not only smaller in stature but also in ‘crow’.

We’ve overcome the problem by bringing our roosters inside our garage at night, and confining them in a small box. We do this on dusk every night and let them out in the morning.  On the days that we have to leave earlier than 9am, the roosters stay inside the garage, in specially built 'day boxes', much the same size as a cockatoo cage. They are never outside before 10.30 am on a weekend...

Supposedly a rooster cannot crow if he cannot extend his neck. We’ve found this to be untrue. Our roosters still manage to crow and they sleep in wine boxes! They sleep in the garage and although we hear them from time to time, they don't bother us at all.

They don't seem to mind being confined, indeed it means I handle and pet them everyday. They have become a little sneaky of late though...they shuffle to the back of the roost, out of arms length, when I go outside after dark to scoop them up and bring them inside. But I think that's it's more to do with staying with the ladies than going into their night box!  Romantic isn't it .....................?

As for the hens making noise, listening to them cluck away is akin to meditation, so relaxing!!

Yet another myth - They attract vermin...

People attract vermin not chooks!! You may have a problem with vermin if you over feed your chooks and leave food lying around. Because our chooks free range in the backyard we don’t leave any sort of food out for them at all. They are fed table scraps and seed first thing in the morning, and then a variety of seed a couple more times during the day. They are never fed more than they can eat in one sitting. If you are tempted to leave extra food out you’ll not only attract mice and rats, you might well find you are feeding all the local birds as well.
If I throw my birds more seed than they can eat; the garden is besieged by doves, scoffing the remainder.
Very annoying!!

                 Healthy chooks are happy chooks!