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BookAChook Rental Packages     


Hugely successful in Kindergartens, Childcare Centres, Nursing Homes, Schools and private homes in Melbourne, a BookAChook rental package is a low maintenance, stress free, fun AND educational way to entertain young children (and grown-ups!!)


Your BookAChook Rental package includes:

  • The Poultry Penthouse (flat roofed coop)
  • 2 Pekin hens
  • Enough feed and bedding for the rental period
  • BookAChook care and feeding instructions
  • Full set up and our one-on-one Introduction to Chook Keeping
  • Access to the BookAChook ‘ChookAssist’ line for any queries

For those that fall in love at the end of your month's rental (and you will!)

30% of your rental charge discount on the cost
of buying one of our coops and chicks packages

Please note - the rental hens are not for sale, but you go to the top of the "chicklist" for priority chicks as soon as they are available

Please email to fleur@bookachook.com


Rental Charges


Try our chooks for as long as you like!

  • 1 week    $60* (minimum fee)
  • 4 weeks    $180*

or rent for a shorter or longer period! 

Delivery fee and bond apply to all rentals.

Email us with your requirements at



Rental Policy

* The signing of a rental agreement guaranteeing maximum care of, and acknowledging renters liability for, any damages to chooks and coop.

* A bond to be paid at the time of delivery, fully refundable, upon pickup/return of the coop and the chooks, in their pre-delivery condition (or I hold a credit card number in lieu of the up front bond payment).


* Fully refundable bond prices are:

For rentals delivered by BookAChook - $100

For rentals picked up from BookAChook - $250

(or I hold a credit card number in lieu of an up front bond payment).


(Please note that a pickup requires a trailer or a ute; the coop does not fit in a station wagon or 4WD!! )


Rental Delivery


Please email fleur@bookachook.com with your address for a quote on delivery to your door.

All BookAChook Rental deliveries include delivery of all your equipment, chooks and food, plus full set up and our one-on-one BookAChook introduction to chook keeping!  We will also pick everything up again when your rental ends.

Check out this link to see Toby's experience of "Booking a Chook"


BookAChook Incubator Rentals


Hatch chicks in your own home!! $85* + a fully refundable bond.


Easy and simple to use, the R-Com incubator comes with three fresh fertile eggs and instruction booklet. What a great way to introduce your children to the wonders of chook hatching!


Pick up of your incubator is welcome, or email fleur@bookachook.com for a quote on delivery of our incubator and eggs to your home.


Click here to view the BookAChook Incubator Rental Agreement.


           Two days to go!                                

                                                                                            Tada!  Here I am!






BookAChook Poultry Packages

We think our coops are gorgeous!!


The have been designed and built especially for us by a lovely and very talented local craftsman, who also builds harps.  His attention to detail is second to none. Designed for bantam hens, with ease of cleaning and mobility foremost in our minds, they are perfect for bringing a little of the country into suburbia.


They are sold assembled and are not 'flat packed' as others on the market are. Our coops are extremely solid and built to last a very long time.


Two different styles are available: The Poultry Palace with a pitched roof or The Poultry Penthouse with a flat roof, depending on your budget and space constraints.  The Poultry Penthouse is great if you have less space as it can be placed against a wall or fence.  The Poultry Palace is just gorgeous with decorative finials, and is a treat for someone who has it all!




• Dimensions – Long 165cm, Wide 78cm, High 80cm (the Palace is 120cm high)
• 2 nesting boxes
• Natural perch, this is important…real tree branches are used
• Side opening lockable door to enable ease of cleaning and ‘Free Ranging’
• Hinged roof with wooden support bracket
• Colorbond roof - available in blue, red or green


The coops will fit 2 to 5 bantams, depending on how often they are ‘free ranging’.  As the nesting boxes and perch can be easily removed the coops are also suitable for housing ‘furry friends’ such as rabbits and guinea pigs!


We don't believe it is necessary to spend a lot of money, and forego space in your yard, on a large 'walk in' coop, when we encourage you to let your chooks free range.  You'll find there are BookAChooks in hundreds of our coops throughout Melbourne in chook lovers' backyards, nursing homes, kindergartens, childcare centres and primary schools! That's a lot of happy chook devotees...look at the testimonials!!!




All BookAChook Poultry packages come with guaranteed hens.  That means if your 'hen' starts ‘crowing’ you're welocme to bring it back and we will replace it with one that doesn't....FREE.....if available, or alternatively if no hens are available a refund will be offered..


The Poultry Penthouse Package $695*


This includes:

- The Poultry Penthouse (flat roofed…in green, red or blue)

- Auto feeder and water container

- Bedding

- Chick Starter/Pullet Grower combo

- Three six week old chicks when available (see note below)

- Free delivery within 20km of the CBD, which includes full set up and our one-on-one introduction to chook keeping.

 - On call BookAChook ‘ChookAssist’ when you need it…just email us if you have any questions






The Poultry Palace Package  $750*


This includes:

- The Poultry Palace (pitched roofed…in green, red or blue)

- Auto feeder and water container

- Bedding

- Chick Starter/Pullet Grower combo

- Three six week old chicks when available (see note below)

- Free delivery within 20km of the CBD, which includes full set up and our one-on-one introduction to chook keeping.

 - On call BookAChook ‘ChookAssist’  when you need it…just email us if you have any questions


Package Extras*


Add the following to customise you Poultry Package to suit your needs:

- Three Point of Lay hens when available - $60

- All weather stain and oil for your coop for extra weather protection and durability - $50

- Additional 6 week old chicks - $35 (you can have up to 5 comfortably in a pitched roofed coop as they can roost in the roof cavity)

- The BookAChook Chook Care pack – a bottle each of Pestene (lice and mitepowder) and Piperazine (chooky wormer) - $40

- Ex-rental coops are also available from time to time.  Please enquire for availability.

Please Note: * Prices subject to change without notice - Email your details to fleur@bookachook.com for a complete Package summary, pricing and availability.

Other breeds of hens, and hens of different ages, may be available at different times throughout the year.  Six week old chicks are available throughout the breed season (Spring - Autumn), however we do occasionally source hens of alternative breeds from fellow breeders.  The package prices may be subject to change to reflect the current stock available.  Please enquire when making your order.


The big question...Why our coops instead of a traditional A-Frame tractor type coop or a cheaper flat-pack from the pet store?

Fox-proofing is your top priority!!


If you think about an A-Frame, two thirds of the coop is open to the elements and so when it rains, (which is often in Melbourne!) all the bedding in the open section gets wet because there is no roof...If you're hanging your food inside it gets wet too.... And the chooks (if confined and not free ranging) are forced to go inside into the dark to escape the rain.  There's also no shade in summer. Often there isn't a secure wire base, so predators can dig underneath. Chooks need a warm, dry house, not damp in wet weather and open to the elements...



Buyer beware!! Dodgy coops abound!!!!


Please beware the cheap, dodgy, imported coops on eBay and in various hardwares and pet stores...

 Remember...you get what you pay for...they look fancy, but they're not. Having inspected a couple of these coops (they retail for $200 to $300) I can tell you they are very, very flimsy.  In fact some wobble, and the wood is so thin...a large dog could push them over. If I can't sit, stand or climb on it to prune the fruit trees, then it is not strong enough. Some don’t even have wire on the bottom to keep the foxes out! Yikes!


As you know, anything that comes 'flat packed' as opposed to 'built solid to last' will simply not be as durable.


Remember you need a roof on your coop.  Open runs attached to coops, that are open to the weather will still need to be tarped in wet weather to protect food and bedding and chooks from getting wet.


It's not all bad though...look for the local tradies selling their own wares.




 Chook Sales

(please check availability on the "about us" page )

Chook sales are limited to seasonal availability and we encourage the purchase of young birds to establish familiarity and trust. Colours are subject to the stock we have available at the time.  We breed, sell and recommend Pekin Bantams for suburban backyards..


We do prioritise our Poultry Package sales (the whole coop and caboodle - coop, chooks, feeder, bedding, food, etc) and there may be a wait list for just chook sales.


Other varieties may be available from time to time, such as Bantam Langshans (great little layers!), bantam Wyandottes (lots of personality) or bantam Australorps (a small version of the great Australian layer).   Please email fleur@bookachook.com if you are interested in some of these other varieties.

    • Chicks  1 - 2 weeks (Unsexed) $15
    • Chicks  3 - 4 weeks $20 (Unsexed)
    • Hens  6 - 9 weeks $35 (sexed)
    • Hens  9 -12 weeks $40
    • Hens  12 - 15 weeks $45
    • Hens  15 weeks + /Point of Lay / Mature $50 (if available)
    • Roosters  $10 at 4- 6 weeks, thereafter price is dependent on age and colour


We generally sell our chicks at 6-8 weeks old, when they are roughly 'grapefruit'sized.  By 6 weeks, I am 95% sure they are hens. So if your hen turns out to be a boy in girl's clothing then you’re welcome to bring him back and exchange for another hen if we have some available.


If these are your only chooks, we recommend the minimum number of girls to keep is three.  They are social animals, and should something happen to one then you’re not needing to worry about the last one being left all on her own.



Fertile Eggs

Fertile eggs may be available from time to time during the breeding season. Eggs are generally charged at $3.50 per egg. Preference is for them to be collected in person. Please note that we are reluctant to send eggs interstate, as air travel can affect the fertility of an egg.



BookAChook Personal Delivery Service

Delivery is FREE for all Poultry Packages sold within 20km from the CBD.


A delivery fee applies for:

              - All BookAChook rentals

              - Any Poultry Packages more than 20km from the CBD

so please email fleur@bookachook.com for a delivery quote.


All BookAChook Poultry Package and Rental deliveries include delivery of all your equipment, chooks and food, plus full set up and our one-on-one BookAChook introduction to chook keeping!  For all BookAChook rentals we will pick everything up again when your rental ends.


If you have any questions about our Poultry Packages,

BookAChook Rentals or gorgeous chooks, please don't

hesitate to email us at fleur@bookachook.com