These are just some of the lovely emails we've received...............



I would like to say a big thanks for "goldilocks”…named by our 3 year old.

She has been a great friend for the other game hen so the flock is much better balanced now.






The below an email re ‘no eggs?’ in early May 09…..


Thanks for giving me so much advice; no we don't have a lot of feathers everywhere, not yet anyway. 

I am glad you told me that - I probably would have called the vet in thinking they were sick or something had attacked them.  After telling you they weren't laying, I let them out this morning and looked in their house and I had the biggest surprise!  A very small egg, half the size of a shop one…. but then they are small and very young chickens. It is so cute and exciting.  That will probably stop now, it was only one and we aren't sure which chicken laid it, but it was perfect and so small...I loved it.

I really appreciate you helping me so much (and I am not even a customer!) and I love any information you can share,


Thank you again,




Our four chooks are all doing well. It took a couple of weeks but they finally got to know each other.  The two new ones are still shy and don't like being handled but are very inquisitive. There is a definite pecking order. All four have been molting. Lots of feathers everywhere, so I expect we will have to wait until the end of winter for our first eggs. 

Thanks again for all your help.





Hi Debra,

We are all loving our chooks here at Coburg Children’s Centre, they have settled in really well.


Thanks so much,




Hi Debbie,

I just had to share my news with you.  Such excitement at my house.

Made the MOST exciting discovery this morning.  I'd given up hope, so was only cleaning, not looking for it.  Opened the nesting box to clean it and…..OUR VERY FIRST EGG HAS BEEN LAID!!!!!!!!!  

I honestly could not believe what I was seeing. Feel like I’m Charlie Wonka and I’ve just found the golden chocolate wrapper!!  Wasn’t expecting this to happen until spring now.  I’m thinking it was our frizzle Cheepy, with her so red wattle and comb.  Yay!





Hi Deb,

Our chooks are just beautiful.  They are very well and happy, running around the backyard and through the garden flapping their wings for their own amusement.  3 out of 4 of our dogs are great with the chooks, but Aimee the little white one in the photos wants to chase them, and I don't want to think about what she might do if she caught one.  The chooks are out from approx. 11am (Mum puts them out), then when I get home from work I clean the coop and they go back in around 5-5.30, they usually stick their head in the coop as I am cleaning it.

They are becoming so tame, Mum calls them and they come running. I can call them but they decide whether they want to come or not.

The chooks are not normally in my spa, this was shortly after we got them from you, and the weather was really hot. So we put them in the spa, turned on the a/c and all went fine.  Our cleaners came that day and couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the chooks in the spa, but they thought it is lovely to see people who value animals so highly.

Our two dogs looking into the spa are Ruby (brown) and Aimee (white).

I have stained the chook house, so now it matches the deck.  I am also going to put a pool fence up the side of the house near the chook house, so in the morning the chooks go into the 'run', gate closed and then the dogs can have the backyard till I get home, or Mum puts them inside, then they can wander the rest of the backyard.



Kind Regards,

Jo, Lou, (Chooks - Edna (brown), Gladys(grey) and Dolly(white).



Hi Deb,

The girls have settled in well, and you were right - Imelda (original though youngest bird) is definitely the top of the pecking order.  She is very bossy, and is still making it very clear to the game hens that this is her home, and as long as they let her have first go at the food, choice of bed etc, they will all get on just fine.  I think Miss Bossy-boots eats more than the rest combined and she seems to be the biggest - though it is hard to be sure under all the fluff.  Ida (Indian Game hen) seems bottom of the lot, with even Roxanne (OEG bantam) giving her the odd peck.  Ida is the hardest one for us to catch, though Roxanne is the fastest.  Carmelita (black Pekin) has taken great advantage of looking the most like Imelda, and she gets second best of everything on offer.  They are gradually working out the routine that we have for them, and the dog is almost trust worthy with them. That said, we do not let them out alone just yet!

We are getting lots of pleasure watching them and getting to know their different personalities. Can't wait till we get eggs!

Thank you for helping us out so quickly with the new girls - even though Imelda doesn't seem to realize that these interlopers are here for her!




Hi Deb,


I wanted to show you a photo I took of Cheepy and Kenny on Easter Sunday.  Cheepy is my frizzle X that I hatched from one of your eggs, is Kenny is the buff.  We’re been pretty sure they’re both pullets.  They are close to 6 months old, and we’re on tenterhooks waiting for eggs to appear. 






Dear Deb,

The third chick just hatched.

We all saw it happen, which was great!!


Dear Deb,

The third egg has just started to hatch.

The other two chicks are doing really well in the brooding box.

We are all loving the little chicks!!

Thank you. It has been a great experience.


Dear Deb,

Two chicks have hatched and look good and healthy.

The un hatched egg is not moving however the two chicks are jumping all over it so it is hard to see properly what's happening with it!!

I will keep in touch!!


Dear Deb,

The eggs have started to move around in the plastic tray.

One egg has only just started to move while the other two have been moving all day.

It is very eggciting??!!!(sorry)

I will email when they begin to hatch.

Happy Easter!!


Dear Deb,

Jeff did the "candling" on Saturday and we think we have three fertilized eggs!!!

It is day four, so we will put the plastic tray in the bottom of the incubator tomorrow.

The kids and friends and I are really loving the whole process.

Don't be surprised if some of the Mums from around here email or call you, as I have told them and they have seen the small incubator and think their kids would love it!!

We will keep you posted!!


Thanks again,




Hi Deb,
We Love the chooks, they are named, Rhonda (was Wanda), Hypathia (the English game hen) and Henny Penny.
Thanks for all the great help, advice and wonderful set up

All the best,


Hi Deb,
just a quick thanks for the 'milk crate option'! It's worked a treat - we now have a happy chook that's still laying eggs and hopping straight off! Yay!!

All smiles,

Hi Deb,

Thanks, the chooks are having a lovely time. Free range all day….and not too much damage to the garden!






Hi Deb,

Our Chickies are settling in well so far and have all been named (Mombassy, Sylvie, Lady Bok and Miranda), I am trying my best to tame them, but suspect patience will be key and also food is the way to a chickens heart.


Kind regards,




Hi Deb,

We have loved having Trixie and Clementine but I think we will have to give them back for now…Zoe is going to miss them terribly!

We are going away for Easter and again in early May – could we extend the visit till end of March?

We might also consider having them stay again later in the year.






Hi Debra

I'm at work, but I just got a text from Jacinta (sister) to say Rosie's laid her first egg! How exciting.

Hannah will now be under pressure as she is the older one :)

Rosie has been making a bid for top chook. She likes to get up high and make lots of noise. Her comb is quite pronounced as well and we were starting to worry that she might be a rooster... but seemingly not! :)


So exciting !!





hi there Deb, sorry I never got back to you about Thelma....you were right on the money!

After door knocking and feeling ridiculous enquiring after a meandering chicken (everybody was very helpful and not one person laughed, at least not out loud!)....we looked all over our property but couldn't find Thelma.

Then a couple of days later I spotted her for a couple of minutes and decided she must have found a spot under the accumulating hard rubbish in our backyard. A week later Grant and I had decided to get a skip.... and lo and behold once we cleared that discovered that Thelma had found a lovely nesting place against the fence and a whole pile of eggs!.... a bit of a waste of all the eggs... so then we reunited them with and there was lots and lots of fighting. After a couple of days it was impossible to catch Thelma at night...she found  high place to roost over our water tank, out of arms reach...she obviously prefers not to be a caged bird!!

It has now been at least a 7 weeks since Louise has joined her, (they rebonded!!) so now that's where they both sleep at night, perched up on the trellis, Louise now only uses the coop for laying...






They started laying on Friday Deb, and the kids are thrilled.



Newport Gardens Primary School



We would love to come over and see the rest of your girls.  We're completely undecided at this point as to whether to go for a permanent fixture of chooks.  We love to have them, but cost at the moment is our problem (newly bought house -- no money).  I have a feeling in all likelihood we'll wait to see if we miss them so much that we will get some straight away, or hold off, rent some more off you in six months time and then buy.

  I must say that we've truly loved having them here. They are wonderful pets, so very amusing -- I love coming home to having them both bolt to the door after us.







Hi Deb

Thanks so much for the incubator and eggs. We thought we would touch base and let you know how we are progressing with it all. We are at day 15 and this morning we checked with a torch to see that something is happening and we can happily report that we are fairly confident that we have 3 growing embryos. We are very excited

We will definitely bring them up to be sexed as we cannot keep a rooster here. We are keen to have 4 hens. So if we can, after we have worked out what sex we have we will purchase additional hens of about the same age...

Anyway, we have attached a photo for you to see the girls with the eggs (the baby is asleep) and also a photo of ginger - peck was hiding and sadly parsley found the heat too much on those really hot days

thanks again and we hope all of your chicks are well and happy!



Fiona, zeesha, coco, mink, sabi and vasco (torquay)



Hi Deb!


The chooks are doing well and send you their love!! The kids love them and spend time with them during the recesses.  They are getting used to the fact that the chooks are not to be picked up and to respect the fact that the enclosure is their home. 




Newport Gardens Primary School



Hi Debra,

Hannah and Rosie are getting on very well. They're still not adult size (don't think) but seem well and happy. No issues with them and the three cats, although our smallest cat seems to think she's a chicken too!

Hope all your chickens are well and surviving the summer.


Kindest regards,

Jacinta & Jane



Hi Deb, 

I wish to thank you so much for taking the time out to see me and Lilly last night.  I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am that she's going to be alright.  Arthur was so surprised that I brought her home - knowing she's on the mend.  We're so happy.  Thank you also for the wheat and, of course, your patience and expertise.  This is all a learning curve for us.  I have to admit, though, that our chickens are my first ever pet.


Warm regards,




Hi Deb,

We have had fun with the girls & would love to keep them. The names that have stuck are Taffy for the black and brown girl and Milkshake for the white girl.

We brought them inside last Saturday to avoid the heat. 






Hi Deb,

The girls are settling in well, and my older son(14) has completely fallen in love. He thought they were really going to be Bennett's (7) pets.  The grey frizzle-Pekin cross has been named Mary, because she is ash colored and we got her the day Marysville was burnt out, and the white one has been named Imelda Fluffball.  Mary is definitely the adventurous one.  She loves to be up high (top of heads is fine!), and can jump amazing heights.  It is Imelda that seems most comfortable being handled.  Is this personality or because she is pure Pekin? Both girls seem to like to be together, even when being cuddled.






Hi Deb !
Not only did the girls survive the heat, but we had our first egg today :0)

I just can't believe it.




Deb, I just had to drop you a quick note to tell you that Patsy laid her first egg.  I can't tell you how excited Adam and I were. Both Eddie and Patsy are just delightful.  It's truly wonderful to see them happily wandering around the lawn.  They particularly love scratching through the bark underneath the lemon tree.One thing I wanted to check on - strangely they seemed to love the smell of chicken - not sure if this is normal - cooking schnitzel last night, we had both of them trying to get into the house. I don't think that I could feed them chicken, regardless of their desperation…I just wanted to say thank you - we both love them. With kind regards,



Hi Deb,
Thanks for this. Just letting you know the chooks are doing well – I have called the grey one ‘Esme’ and the black one ‘Scout’. They were hot on Friday but I kept changing the water and put the frozen bottle in their coop in the mid-afternoon as you suggested. They lay against it until the cool change came and they’ve been much more active since!


Thanks again!


Hi Deb,

Just a short note to let you know the girls are doing fine.

And we got a huge surprise this week with Ruby (red chicken) laying her first eggs. 

We have currently 4 eggs in the fridge ready for eating. She definitely seems to be the leader even though Agnus is a couple of weeks older.

Ghost ( white chicken) we call "Ghost the Gallant" because she chases away the Indian Minor birds from their food.

Agnus is the worrier of the 3 likes to know where each of her girl pals are...but she’s still gorgeous.

The kids & I love the chickens and we have even converted my husband.

He has admitted he really thinks they’re gorgeous!

Thanks again. 


Regards, Dale, Belle, Spencer & Gav.



Hi Deb,
Thanks for the email. The chook air conditioner seems to be working.
Our dear chickens are settling in well besides being a bit hot!
We have named them Lolly (white), Puff (black) and Wheezy (frilly grey!)


PS. This is Sam holding Wheezy, she is such a gentle soul!


Hi Deb,

 See pics attached of where my girls and the rabbits spent the day in the cool!!!!  They had a most relaxing day.......

 The frizzle girls started laying about 2 weeks ago!!!


Hope all is well with you,




Hi Deb,

Just writing to let you know that Dizzy (pure frizzle) has settled in beautifully and we have 3 very happy chooks. They are growing happily and are very much part of the family. Thanks for your advice and support.


Warm Regards,




Dear Deb, Just wanted to let you know we have happy chooks now, we introduced the new ones to the original two without too much of a problem.
We have Juanita (smooth girl) and Yoko (curly girl), we have Patty and Selma (white/black Pekin’s), and the original Mavis and Meg(atron), the black Pekin’s.

have a happy 2009, thank you - they are wonderful.

Emily and Domenic.



Hi Deb, just want to let you know that I found my first egg Monday morning

and then a second one on Tuesday!!!!

It was very exciting for me!!!

The eggs are really quite tiny but perfect- the girls are very clever!





Hi Deb,

Just updating you on our chook experiences. My eldest daughter who is 5 (and, the all important, a half) named them Penny (black smooth frizzle), Custard (White Curly Frizzle x Pekin) and Mustard (brown Pekin). They are growing and handle the constant affection from my girls very well. They have even survived rides in the doll’s pusher and rocks in the doll’s cradle. Penny is the most tame and therefore is the most handled. Custard and Mustard are less enthusiastic to be coddled but they deal quite well with the attention. They are very easy to look after and it’s a joy watching them scratch around the yard.


Many Thanks and have a lovely Xmas,




Hi Deb

Just to let you know that the 3 chooks you sold us are doing really well and are well loved. (as you can see from the photos)

I just had a query re their feeding.

On your list you put down to give them a cup of feed each day. I assume that this is per chook. Is that correct? We have a feeder which i keep 1/3 filled but i am assuming the guinea pig is eating it too as he shares the run. ( He has his own food too. )

Needless to say, none of them are starving, but I did just want to check quantities.


Thanks Monique



Hi Deb 

We are all so excited.  They are gorgeous and snuggled up and amused us ….the kids didn’t want to go to bed.  And one of them is so curious.  They are snuggled up now with one of our stuffed toys!!!

Thanks Deb.  We are very happy and it is probably all the more exciting for all the waiting and anticipation.

Thanks and Have a very Merry Christmas and festive season


Warmest regards




We named them Bob (I think he's the pure Pekin - black), Wall-E (smooth Pekin/frizzle - brown) and Meg (definitely the curly frizzle / Pekin).
I can't imagine us giving them back :0)



Hi Deb

 Just a quick note to let you know that Monica, Rachel and Phoebe have settled in really well. We've been keeping them in the laundry with slightly longer supervised excursions to the back yard each day. They are growing well and our only challenge at the moment is our dog - but he's getting used to them gradually and I just think we need to keep them separate until we're really sure he thinks they are no big deal. That may take a few months but we're prepared to be patient.

You are right, watching them is more meditative than goldfish - they are terrible time wasters! 



Trish and Alan



Hello Deb,


The girls have settled in well and are exploring the garden. They have grown quite a bit and we are amazed at their very different personalities. One of them is definitely blonde. Very funny !!






Hi Deb, all is going well we are enjoying having Molly and Penny around very much!!! Also are we able to buy the coop as it is really good easy to clean and maintain. I would like to go ahead with having some chooks of our own.

Look forward to hearing from you






Hi Debra


We love our chooks – and have fallen in love with Patsy in particular. She has a great personality!

Can we buy a coop and 4 young hens at the start of next year, given that holidays are upon us?  




Auburn Primary School



Hi Deb,


OK I took these photos tonight.  They are 4 weeks 2 days – at least Cheepy is, Kenny might be a day or two older I suppose, depending upon when you hatched “her”.


I’m holding my breath here that they both be girls, well, we’ll see what you think

Thanks so much Deb.  I’ll be DYING to hear what you think. 






Just a few quick things –

Thank you so much for introducing me to chickens.  Honestly, the kids and I adore Kenny and Cheepy so much, I had no idea chickens were so cool!  I find I am spending more time relaxing outdoors when I take them out for a free range play, which is very calming actually.  Really enjoying them and their emerging little personalities






Dear Deb,


Just thought you might like to know that Thelma and Louise are settling in very well. They seem to be very happy (and are clearly counting down the seconds until they can free range in the garden) and we even had our first egg today, which was incredibly exciting! In other news, the cats are completely terrified of the chickens, which is something I couldn't have predicted, but am very pleased about (better this way than being a little too interested, I suppose).

We are very much enjoying having chickens; thank you again.



Kat and Tim



Dear Deb,

Just got a few pics of Cheepy and Kenny, finally, to show you.  I got a good one at 3 days to show Cheepy’s stripe down his head and back.  The most recent ones (3 weeks 1 day) were taken today.






Hi Deb,


Our first chick hatched at Tree House today (Monday). The first crack was spotted at 11:00am and the chick made its way right out of the shell at 2:00pm.

The kids got to see it all. It was very exciting!

Can't wait to get to work in the morning to see if our little chick has siblings.

We have a great broody box all ready to go. I must take a picture for you. Went in on Saturday and created a space in the playground that will be our chicken run until the chooks move to the farm; then it will be a lovely garden play space.







Hannah and Rosie have got big enough to look after themselves when we're mostly around. If we were going to be out all day we might still leave them in the coop but actually they've been lucky and I've been home with flu for most of a week. As a result, they've learned to use the cat flap and are coming in and out at whim, decimating the indoor plants. They're growing fast and not having any trouble with the cats. They have already got several favorite spots in the garden.


We *will* send you some cat and chook photos. I think they're on Jacinta's computer...





Hi Deb.

I'm still absolutely loving it!  How the girls have changed over the 2 weeks.  I thought Louise was a bit quiet.  She's actually the cheeky one.  Whenever I walk out of the back door, she becomes a fluffy white blur as she hurtles towards me.  (I always have a little treat for them).  One day this week, the sleeping beauty (Molly the dog) awoke from her coma and decided to go outside and watch the chickens from afar.  She sat down on the concrete and next thing .... she was surrounded!  She couldn't believe it!  I now realize that NOT having chickens in my garden would be a terrible waste.  There are so many wonderful places for them to explore and scratch.  Today, Molly was left outside un chaperoned with the girls.  When I got home at lunchtime, the girls were fine but Molly was sobbing (as usual... sigh!).

I live in constant fear that I will forget to shut their door at night.  It hasn't happened of course.  I have to go out 2 nights per week and the sleeping beauty refuses to take responsibility so I was leaving them inside on those days, but not any more apparently.  This morning as I was mucking out the straw, Louise fluttered up through the open lid and went off to scratch, looking very pleased with herself.  She also surprised me by flying across the garden at a height of about 3 feet.  I have no desire to chase and frighten them so I will have to use my brains and offer them a treat they cannot refuse to get them back inside on the days when I have to go out.  I know what they really love and what they like.  They love strawberries, kiwis, grapes, bananas.  I'm continually experimenting.  You are so correct.  Watching them scratching around is soul food!


I'll keep you posted




Thanks, Deb.

Wilma and Patsy have settled in very well. They are very social indeed and even come up to us, which is lovely for the kids.


We will certainly be looking to get our own chooks when we come back from OS next year and I hope to be able to perhaps even buy some of you then? But will email / chat when the time is right.





Hi Deb,


They are sooo cute....at night they sleep on a towel next to my heater, which is on low but nice and warm for them. As soon as I switch the light on they start walking around and picking the floor, so I put them back into their box, for my husband to bring them down in the garden. It is not particularly warm but we cannot keep them in our house during the day. The aviary is wind protected from two sides, has lots of sand and straw, and they can cuddle together. They also have a box in there (sideways) so they can go in or behind there.


We bought the food/ water dispensers.


Will send pictures soon, the kids named them Ella, Hannah and Lilly. The little orange one is the shyest, the white one the bravest and the grey one the cuddliest....


All the best,




Hi Deb,

My son Max (7) and I just got home in time to see the first chick hatch.  Oh my gosh – we’re so excited!  We were just at Officeworks, buying a lamp and some globes for our chicks, thinking they wouldn’t hatch for another day or so.  Yippee!





Hi Deb,


So lovely to meet you on Saturday.  Thought you might like to know how things are going.

 Little dog Molly finally stopped sobbing with maternal joy after 2 hours.  After 3 hours, she took my advice and sat back away from the cage and the girls came out.  After 4 hours, the girls came out of the cage regardless if Molly was standing right next to the cage.  Didn't take the girls long to figure out that she was absolutely no threat.

They are loving their suspended Silverbeet and anchored apple.  I found some worms on Saturday but the braver one, Louise, with the flat feathers, got them both.  Wow!  She loved them!

There is less poop than I thought there would be.  I keep forgetting to rotate them so I now know that one sleeps one way and one the other way.

I have yet to be blessed with an egg but I don't care so long as the girls are happy, and they seem to be.

I am looking forward to Wednesday when I can let them out.  I'm really enjoying this!



Hi Deb,

We are absolutely besotted with the two girls!!  They settled in really quickly and even the dogs have got used to them pottering around the garden now.  The biggest problem I've had with the dogs is their eagerness to check out what food's in the coup each day, but they're beginning to learn a few manners about that!  We particularly love Lorna, and "Lorna cuddles" have become a daily necessity.  Mind you, I don't think Lorna's been responsible for one egg yet.  Patsy has laid 5 or 6, and we know that they come from her 'cause we see her sitting concentrating!  We are now absolutely convinced that we want to have some Pekin’s permanently.  We'd love another Lorna!


Kind regards,





Lorna came inside yesterday, as you predicted!

They are both going really well, and have the cats sorted out. Tabitha got a peck on the nose one day; did I already tell you that?

We are now not sure if Lorna is top chook or if they have a democracy happening. They both seem to talk and sit on top of each other and take it in turns to be first out in the mornings and first into anything new that's happening :)

I wished I had a camera yesterday morning when the two chooks and little Tabitha (the cat) were all grouped around a bowl eating yoghurt together. So cute.

Monty and Zambia(more cats) keep more of a distance but everyone is sharing the back yard quite happily. Monty thinks sitting on the lid of the coop in the sun is quite pleasant, and the girls are usually out by then so I let him do it.

I am doing some word of mouth advertising for you. And we had 16 people over for brunch on Sunday and Patsy and Lorna were great advertisements for you, wandering round people's feet and generally being friendly. Even the friend who professes to be scared of chooks loved them.





Hi Deb,

Patsy has provided eggs each alternate day so far, laying day today? They are both beautiful although not as crispy clean as when they arrived, we think they like our garden as they spend a lot of time in the cabbages which were not going anywhere fast anyway, and they have created a number of favored dust spots around and under the plants. They both come down to the back door to tell us if they think we have left the getting them too bed a little late. Dash is entranced and disappears for good long whiles for conversation with them. Murray is chief egg collector.


Anyway just letting you know all’s well.



Hi Deb

 Just thought I'd let you know that my darling Wilma layed her 1st egg today and the excitement in the house was fantastic.

The boys and I phoned everyone that we could think off - they must have thought we are mad!  (It is great that it happened when I decided to take a few days leave)

Needless to say, I took a photo, marked the calendar and told my girl what a clever chook she is etc.

I think Dolly is as proud of her mate as I am.

 I cannot tell you how much I enjoy my girls, I have been very busy at work and they just seem to bring me back to earth.

They are absolutely gorgeous and even Brent has a very soft spot for them, talking to them every morning when he has his morning coffee.

 They are not very fussed about the cats but tend to go back into the pen when they are around.






Hi Deb,

Thanks for the great chooks. The kids were thrilled to see them and we have had regular trips out to feed them and look at them.


Many thanks.




Hi Deb,

One of our girls has laid a couple of eggs.  We were very excited.  Here is a picture of Victoria with Pompom and picture of all three in the garden.






Hi Deb,
Patsy and Shirley are gorgeous and much loved – it will be very sad when it’s time to say goodbye. They’ve been no trouble and have given great joy to kids, adults and interested pals. Eating well.
Eggs weren’t the aim but they’ve laid like troupers from the day you delivered (I shared an 8-egg omelet with a friend today who had come to worship at the shrine of Pats and Shirl and was duly appreciative of her share of the eggs. Wouldn’t waste them on someone who wasn’t! Speaking of eggs, the girls doubled production after the Great Worm Frenzy last weekend, producing FOUR eggs in two days. I emptied the compost bin on Saturday for a big plant-up; moved as fast as I could to get the compost into a wheelbarrow and the un-composted stuff back into the bin, but it was a worm smorgasbord for the girls in the meantime.
Later, they worked out that if I dug a hole there’d be worms and, even better, that my son would then get a bucket of worm-filled compost from the barrow and tip it into the hole. Shirley was hilariously daredevil. Emboldened by worm lust, she dove into a smallish hole containing a very thorny new rose at one point and wouldn’t move. My son, bucket of compost held aloft, repeated politely: “Excuse me, Shirley”, “Excuse me, Shirley”, “Excuse me, Shirley.” Needless to say she didn’t budge without prompting. My reserved little Lucas could learn a thing or two from Shirley!
Sudden rush of protein must have caused the two extra eggs. Hoped I wasn’t overloading their systems but they’re back to the regular 48-hour routine now and earning their insects with a good scratch.
Anyway, we love them and would love to have full-time chooks. Kids’ expressions when they find an egg are priceless. Having produced two kids by natural birth, I’m just in awe at the concept of an egg every two days ...




Deb, hope this email finds you well? Wanted to let you know that our 2 gorgeous girls, supplied by you, were in the herald sun yesterday on the 'your pets' page yesterday Sunday 7th September pg. 114. Black Betty & Snow White are well, are very plump, lay "loverly" eggs and seem to seek our company!!!! thank you again for our gorgeous feathered friends, 


Jen, Eloise, Will, Pete & Marianne



Hi Deb,

I just wanted to give you an update on how the chooks are going.  Rosie (white chook) is doing brilliantly and RUSHES out of the coup every morning with Mavis closely following.  They are hysterical with Rosie frequently chasing the rabbits and generally being very bossy, definitely ruling the roost for sure!!!  Stuart also said to tell you that the eggs that you gave him were delicious.

 I have attached two pictures to show how happy they are in their new home!!


 Chat soon,




Hi Deb,

.I thought I'd send you a pic of our lovely girls... and our noisy boy!! He's very beautiful though, and now we really feel like we live on a farm! So laying season is coming is it? How exciting, we’ve forgotten what fresh eggs taste like!


Kind Regards, 




Deb - that you would offer your knowledge and time so generously is very much appreciated given I’m not actually a customer and your guidance has helped me calm down a lot of my head noise about being unrealistic in having 2 chooks in our backyard... and how to care for them properly.
So - thank you so much for your time.  I really appreciate it.
I look forward to keeping in touch with you for all our chook needs in the future.

All the best.

Hi Deb,
We're doing extremely well. The girls are fabulous too. I had never realized chooks could be so full of personality: they are endlessly amusing with their argy bargy, dances and following you around the yard. So, we'd love to keep them

Many thanks Deb,




Hi Deb, Patsy & Shirley are doing very well, eating and drinking well and loving all the attention and the patting and handling. They visit each of the rooms regularly and love the children and the children love them. Patsy is more outgoing than Shirley but they both are very contented and now roam around the yard quite happily. The children treat them beautifully and the delight on the children's faces when they see them especially in the younger age group is wonderful.



North Melbourne Children's Centre


Hi Deb, 

Yes thanks, we and "the girls" are doing really well!

The kids just love the chooks and are really taking care of them- although I clean the hutch!

The chooks are starting to spend a bit longer out of their hutch each day, walking around the garden, but they still seem a bit nervous and like to hide behind bushes. 

They are not so keen on fresh food however - we're tried porridge, greens vegies, apples, etc as you suggested and they just seem to like their corn mix!

We took the kids to school for show & tell, and quite a few families were interested in your concept, so hopefully I've sent some business your way. Even our school (Auburn Primary) may end up having chooks in Term 4!







Hi Deb,

The girls are going great.  We encouraged them to wander around the back yard on Sunday and they did really well.  I was a little apprehensive about letting Chloe our dog out with them – I was afraid she was jump on them and hurt them as she seemed so excited to have new company.  Everything went well.  She was probably more scared than anything.  She approached them very slowly, gave them a little sniff and was promptly pecked on the nose which brought her running back to my side.  It was the funniest thing to watch.  Then she started eating the chicken feed that we sprinkled on the grass.  So we now have 3 chickens ;-)  Here’s a picture of the three of them enjoying their first meal together.





Here are some pictures taken recently of two bantams we got from you. Their names are Scarlet and Fifi, and they are on Jack and Molly. They are very happy in their new surrounds, with their companion Ruby.




Hi Deb,
The three chooks I got from you have settled in well and seem to be growing quite fat. They haven't laid any eggs yet but being winter I haven't been terribly worried about that. Our dog Rosie has been very interested in the chooks and being a shepherd loves to keep an eye on them, she's usually very quiet with them but occasionally will let out a small "yip" at one of them I think if it strays too far from the others. They tend to browse on and off during the day but seem to spend a bit of time during the middle of the day in a darker area of the chook run. The chooks don't seem to be stressed or bothered by her, they seem to ignore her and will browse quite close to where she is standing or (more commonly these days) lying.


Hi Deb

 My 6 year old daughter has been more than happy with her birthday gift of 3 beautiful hens; the whole family has fallen in love with ChiChi, ChaCha and Coco. They were delivered here to us in Altona in October of last year. They completely free range for at least 6 hours every day and we feed them green vegie scraps, fruit (apple, watermelon, grapes...) and Darling Downs layer pellets.


Thanks Deb




Hi Deb,


The chickens are now called Rocket and Molly.  Max has renamed them.  Rocket appears to be the more dominant one.  We let them out today for the first time for only a short time.  They made it back to the coop by 5.15pm after being let out at 4.45pm.  Looking forward to the weekend when we will give them at least a couple of hours. 


Enjoying them immensely,

Troy, Meg, Max and Lily


Just an e-mail to let you know that Max has called the chickens "Thunder and Eloise"  (misheard Thelma and Louise).  We haven’t seen them come out much yet but we'll see how it goes in a few days time.  My daughter Lily was beside herself with smiles and laughter when she saw them and has been making chicken noises for much of the day.





Dear Deb,

 Wanted to let you know what pleasure our 3 additional members of the family, Honey, Primrose and Midnight bring us and our friends and neighbours.  We adore them. 

They have such personalities and are so easy to have about, in addition Primrose has started to lay – what fun!


Hope the business is going well, I have told loads of people about you and your girls.


Keep well.




name: Marie


query: No query, I already have chookies - just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your website, and admire your commitment and care for both your chooks and your customers. Congratulations.





Hi Deb, brought the Burkes Backyard mag when I saw the cover- the pictures of your boys are gorgeous!! As for our girls well we are proud as punch tonight. Taylor had a pooey patch on her bum today which I attacked with a scissors and I spent the afternoon just hanging our with them and noticed that their combs, esp. Taylor’s were very red. Then low and behold the kids and Pat come home and I am going inside when I find a stash of five eggs under a tree!! Boy we were all running around like mad with excitement. You would think we laid the eggs. Taylor looked quite calm and a bit amused. We just love those chooks. I am working long days and the afternoon just cleaning out their cages and watching them is such bliss- very relaxing.

Bet your mobile will be ringing after than article.


Talk soon

love Beth



Hi Deb,

The 3 chooks have settled in well. Patsy (white) Shirley (brown) and Hattie (black) after 'Hattie and the fox' book by Mem Fox! Lucas and Millie love them, they had two treats today for the first time, oats and honey for breakfast and a 30 min wander around our back lawn in the middle of the afternoon. Thanks for all your help and advice Deb, much appreciated.

Stu and Gail 



Hi Deb, The four chooks we bought from you in Dec 2006 are all very well. They were laying 3-4 eggs a day until the cooler weather started and they started molting. Two of them get quite broody but luckily do it in turns !!

We have just built a new chook house (photo attached) and a chook run. Until now the hens have been free ranging over the whole back yard but as I fenced off all the veggie gardens it started looking a bit like Guantanamo Bay!  Now we are fencing of one area for the veggie beds and the chooks have their own run so they can free range some of the time and be safely locked away at others. They have done a marvelous job in the garden this year; we have had no coddling moth in our apples, squeaky clean quinces and virtually no cabbage moths! All their used hay goes in the compost. The neighbors all give us their brown bread scraps and grass clippings and also lavender clippings (for in their bedding) so we have a nice system going now.

Since we now have a bigger chook house and everything properly organized with fences etc we are thinking of getting some more. I suggested two more at which my husband pulled a face and complained………….. before coming back with the suggestion we get four more!.......LOL…….


Faith, Ron and Jacob



Hey Deb,

We’ve got two adorable little'ns. Second one hatched yesterday, she’s still sitting on the other eggs. The chicks are following mum around and pecking at food and seem happy. I’ve brought them in tonight cos it felt like it was going to get chilly.  Were happy to keep them for as long as we can,  I don’t think mums ready to let them go either...


Thanks Deb,

speak soon





Hi Deb

It's been a while now since we came and collected our girls. We named them Bessie (brunette) and Fleur (blonde). About 3 weeks ago they started to lay - well one did, Bessie and Fleur followed last week! Yay. They have been great and the kids are really enjoying them as are we (particularly my husband who talks to them on a regular basis!)



Andie, Luc and Griffin



Just thought you'd like to know that the girls are settling in well. The kids absolutely love them, as do I.

I just had a few questions about what is normal.

They definitely seem to have bonded with their coop - so much so that I have to pick them up and carry them to a different part of the garden to get them to free range and then they often just run straight home.

Also they are not eating anywhere near a cup of grain a day, but the are eating a lot of ants. And I have been giving them a plate of fresh food every morning which they finish most of, as well as the nasturtiums in the garden.

But all in all, they seem happy. And we're pretty sure we won’t want to give them back at the end of the month.






Hi Deb,

I can't remember how long we've had the girls but we've been meaning to give you an update and a thank you for ages now ...

They’re all grown up !

The little white one ( Wheaty ) is the boss they free range during the day and have a huge chook house to roost in ( they sleep right up in the rafters )

hey’ve all had a turn at being clucky over summer and we've enjoyed many little tiny eggs.



anthony and colleen



Hi Deb,

Just to let you know we're very happy with our girls, and they seem to be very happy exploring our backyard. The children have named them Dorothy (Dotty), Daphne and Henrietta! They are already showing their individual personalities and the pecking order. The coop is really good.






Hi Deb,

One of our girls started laying about a month ago, and layed daily for about

2 weeks and has been brooding for the last 2 weeks. I’ve tried closing the door during the day and putting food and water out for them but she just keeps hovering around the door so I tried opening the door and removing the laying box but she just sits were it was. Is there anything else I can try? She seems so sad.  Isn’t she a bit young to be

clucky? Poor love.

Did I mention how much enjoyment we are all getting from our girls? They are the best pets, every family should have them! We get visitors to come and meet our new baby and I take them straight out to see the chooks!


Thanks Deb

Kind Regards,




Dear Deb,

We'll just like to say thank-you for the chooks, there lovely!

Today Pepper was at the side of the coop. She stood up and there were 7 eggs beneath her! We don’t know how long they had been there; also she was sitting on them!!

1. Why would she be sitting on the eggs?

2. Why would she of been laying her eggs there?

We also let them out for a run around the yard every day. They literally run out the door when I put they’re porridge in, and they’re so hard to round up! They refuse to go back inside! Also, we’ve got better protection for them, we put a green mesh around the pen, so other birds can’t get in!






Hi Deb,

Just a quick update on the little frizzle girl we bought from you about a week ago.

We've named her "Bella" because she's so elegant and cute (thankfully my husband's choice of "Nutbush" didn't get a look in!).  At the moment the other girls are a little stand-offish to her (with the occasional peck if she gets too close to where they're foraging in the garden) but Bella is slowly wearing them down.

Our cat Buster also seems to have taken to her.  He tried to play with her yesterday - hopping towards her playfully - but she wasn't up for that and hid behind the coop.

So all is going well.  Thanks for letting us have such a lovely little hen. :-)


Naomi & Luther.


Hi Deb,So far these are the names by the way :)
Big Hen - Mildren (formally Miss Bossy)
Little Hen - Esmay
Roo - Moses

The chooks went out for a little play this afternoon in a box with no bottom today, they got a worm!  It was soo funny to watch, Moses ended up getting eating it.  Chris had just mowed so all the bugs come up, they were so excited about it.  Its so nice to see them scratching around for things.  They are back in the bathroom now all snuggled for the night :)




Hi, We adore our new chicken - She is definitely NOT a Boca.  We are going to try her out as a Delaware tomorrow when we get to spend a bit more time with her. Thanks so much yet again!

Have attached a few of the recent shots of Chickpea, Aker and Zorro!


Take care

Love Michelle & Sheridan



Thanks Deb,
all of us have really enjoyed the girls. They were so tame and the children loved holding them. They sometimes fell asleep while being nursed!
 We would also like to purchase the coop please
See you today   




Hi there Deb,

Well all of the chooks have settled in beautifully so I thought it was about

time to send you some pics.




Hi Deb- Chickens are just gorgeous and Neve is happy and so am I because yet again we have managed to side swipe getting a playstation or computer related techno junk for a birthday present!!! Would much rather spend my money on something that connects kids to their world. We had a good time too.

 I know you are really busy but have you ever thought about running programs for kids either in cooking or related to chickens. I could send you some more info in the new year. You are so great with kids.


Love Beth



Hi Deb

 Have been meaning to chat to you but...blah blah blah.. Our chickens now named Gabriella, Sharpe and Taylor are doing well and bringing great joy to our days. If we have not bed them down and they believe they should be in bed, they fly up onto the veranda and peck on the glass doors!-Needless to say we usually move pretty fast after that. They really do rule the roost! We hope you had a clucky Christmas and a very happy new year. Will send photos soon.


Love Pat and Molly



Dear Deb,

The chooks are going SOOOOOO... well! Every now and then I would open the door of their cage and let them out, Yes FREE RANGE! And they love it. We got rid of the sunroom, (a place for them to go so they can have some sun and grass!) Because we won’t need it! They're healthy and fit, pepper was sneezing the other day but she's fine now! Also, Pepper & Taco were SOOOOOOOOOO... broody over the past few weeks. They would lay an egg and constantly sit on it! But their over that now so that's good cuz I would never see them! Anyway... They are having a ball at our place and thank-you so much!

Bye, Ashley.

p.s I hope I can send you some pics of them, If my brother lets me use his camera!


Here are our chickens :)
 The buff is 'Bernadette', brown is 'Mildred' and the roo is 'Moses'.  Mildred is laying but Bernadette isn't yet.  Moses tail feathers are just starting to get long and pretty looking :)



Hi Deb

 We got 3 lovely ladies off you in September & they're doing fantastically well...we often get 3 eggs a day & they've become a loved part of our family :)


Hope you're having a great day,




Gorgeous hens and roo, we all love them heaps!

How long should I keep them separated Deb?

Not sure that we will be breeding in the near future but if you have any tips or time to send some info our way at some stage, I could be encouraged!

Thanks, be in touch.

Don't work too hard - you will get frizzled!!


Kind regards from Michele



Hi Deb


Thanks for your email. Here are some photos of the chooks

 We are all loving them so far and enjoying feeding them by hand.






Hi Deb,

 Just to let you know 'the girls' are all healthy and growing daily!

They are sporting some red comb, so I guess the much-awaited eggs can't be far off.

They free-range for a couple of hours a day and their favorite food is the passion fruit vines we gave my daughter for Christmas.........2 down so far!!

They are conditioned to come running when Lyn comes to the enclosure....she feeds them apples, pumpkin, watermelon, and brings bottles of frozen water on hot days. Spoilt rotten!

You're welcome to drop in and say hello (to the 'girls' and us) if you are passing this way,



John and Lyn.



Hi Deb, 

A golden hen would be great - even a wheaten or reddish one.  I like the 'personality' of your hens .....they are the best at scoping me through the kitchen window to check out what is coming out of the fridge.

 I have attached a photo of one of your  buff columbians - she is gorgeous J





Dear Deb

Our three chooks have settled in to their new home and just this week started presenting us with eggs.  The first thing we cooked with them was blueberry muffins and they were fantastic.

The girl’s names are Beryl, Mavis and Joyce, not very original I fear but very fitting. I have attached a couple of photos that were taken yesterday.  Beryl (the brown one) had a few issues at first; she was very nervy and fragile but in the last two weeks has settled down a lot.  I thought she may have had some mental health issues but they seem to have passed.

They are not using their roost – we have put in an apple tree branch, is there anything I can do to encourage them?  They also lay the eggs on the floor and are not using their roosting box, which is about 30cm off the ground.

Thanks again for all your help







Looks like the third egg has started hatching! Very exciting as I remember you saying you hadn’t had 3 in an incubator!

This means I won’t be able to drop it back tomorrow.  Is Tuesday ok?  I can just leave at your door.
We moved the other two little ones out yesterday and they are very very happy!


Hi Deb

Was a very exciting day yesterday when the eggs (2) started hatching.  Luckily one was over the evening so the kids could watch the whole thing.  Was pretty amazing.  It was Emery’s egg and he actually shed tears when it was completely out!!!

One quick question, how long do we wait for the third egg to see if anything is going to happen?  (the 21 days was up last night)



Thanks Deb.

The kids checked the chickens first thing this morning and the globe had blown so they were pretty cold but warmed up after being snuggled up together in hands and pjs!  They are definitely getting used to being handled and the kids love it that they go to sleep on them! 

Is that correct that we can put them outside in a smallish hutch (we have a rabbit hutch) at about 3 weeks?  They’ve had a bit of time on the lawn (on the warm days) and have been taken in a shoe box down to visit the neighbors!!!

Hope you are well,



Hi Deb
Just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed looking after your girls for a month.  I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids or me, but we all miss them terribly.  The highlight was probably on the night before their departure when the two of them got up on the window sill and peered in at us sitting around the table with our friends eating pizza.  They were petted and kissed and picked up at every opportunity, pushed around in the wheel barrow and even placed on the swing!  They handled it all remarkably well and we'll definitely be ringing you for some chicks once Robi has built the coop.

Thanks again,
warm regards, Kim



Deb - have tried to email you re the 'girls' but the emails have failed! - they are laying so well, we are far ahead of our quota for the 4's, so we'll be able to make some pancakes/patty cakes for the children with the rest!    Another great success.



Hi Deb - just to let you know that the girls are laying like there's no tomorrow - already we've had 21 eggs, so they are doing very well. - so much so, we'll be able to make pancakes for the 4's and some patty cakes for the 3's!

 Very special.

See you


Doreen   - Albert Park Kinder



Hi Deb,
How are you going?  Busy I bet with the pre chrissy rush.
We wanted to thank you for your generous gift and let you know we have fallen in love with our new feathered friends, and the kids have named them Maisy and Daisy.  We think these are gorgeous names and are very happy with the way they are fitting in with our family.  They are very cheeky and keep coming inside when the back door is open.  Is this normal?  We give them a variety of fresh food daily to supplement their diets but don’t seem overly interested as yet.  Do they eventually develop a taste for this?  They are happier to eat plants in the garden!  They have also grown up so much!
But as I said we do love them and look forward to them producing eggs in the future for us.

Thanks again


We've called the chickens ebony, pavlova and biscuit
we let them out for an hour or so this afternoon and they had a lovely time discovering grass!
we'll bring them most nights this week as the forecast is for chilly nights


hi deb
a quick update on your chooks - they are both doing very well, and have settled in brilliantly
raffles the dog wants to play with them (we're getting worried he might start thinking he's a chook!) and the kids adore them. We do too!!
We’ve had lots of eggs from patsy but only one from Lorna so far. We’ve observed that Lorna is a very social bird, quite gregarious in nature, so we figure most of her energy is going to socializing rather than egg-making! Patsy is quieter but industrious in the egg-laying department...
They LOVE it when I am out gardening and very helpfully follow me about while I am weeding and gobble up insects and seeds and whatever they can find that I unearth
overall we are having a great time with them!
Can we order three chickens for when our time is up with Lorna and Patsy?

hope all is well at your end



The girls have grown up and they started laying about a month ago...EVERY DAY!  The dark girl, Gina (Emma named her Miffy) is the boss. She's a potentially showable little girl. Lola, the oldest one, (Emma named her EMMA) is the scrawniest. Bridgita(aka Emily from Emma) is a pretty little cream girl with black speckles.  All has been going well until today - The oldest girl(Lola/Emma) decided to go broody!!!  Have you any suggestions as to what to do with her?  I probably did the wrong thing.  I removed the egg and tonight, put her back with the other two.  ( Oh... by the way, they have chosen to lay in the rabbit hutch which is like the coop but away from their sleeping coop.



Helen Gagliano (purchaser from April 25th 2007.)



Dear Deb, just letting you know that the three beautiful girls we bought from you nearly two weeks ago are doing fine and had their first little venture outside today, while I gave the coop a big clean out.  Funny little things... they know exactly what to do, rummaging and scratching around. Within no time they were having a lovely dirt bath under the cherry tree.  It was funny, but Thomas, our NZ white/dwarf cross rabbit kept an eye on them, big brute that he is!  I have taken a great shot of bunny and young hens meeting each other as the girls headed home for the clean coop. (4.10 pm precisely).  The youngest led the way.  As I predicted from the beginning, she looks like becoming the head honcho of the trio.

Many thanks, Deb.  They are my (oops) Emma's dream come true !!! Helen

Dear Deb, We bought our 2 beautiful Pekin’s from you after your holiday in Warrnambool in Dec. The black one is called Sylvie and the white on is Ruby. We all love them dearly. The kids love to cuddle and play with them and mummy especially loves to sit and listen and watch their lovely scratchings and chattings with their little bustle bottoms wiggling behind them. They are great company for us all. They haven’t started laying yet tho!! You thought they were ready to lay within a month or so, but then they started to moult, and I presume this is the laying holdup. Should I be concerned or just patient? We all love them anyway; it’s just exciting to anticipate the eggs!! We thankyou for the discovery of Pekin’s and chooks as pets.

Kind regards, Fiona, Les, LUCY and ABBY,(and Sylvie and Ruby of course).

Dear Deb, just a quick note to share our total enjoyment with our book-a-chook ladies -"Lily, Lulu & Lucy" who today produced the first of many gleaming ping-pong ball size eggs. Hidden in the mint bush of course!  Our magnificent rooster "Lance" unfortunately needed to be relocated, and I do miss those early morning wake up calls, although our neighbors don’t. We look forward to growing our brood in the coming months with a few more on order and congratulate you on your fine business idea of producing healthy hand-reared chickens, perfect for suburban backyards.

Jocelyn, Wheelers Hill

Hi Deb, I just wanted to thank you for the chooks I bought for my belated Uncle for his Birthday.  Unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 2 weeks ago.  While he was in hospital all he could ask about where his chooks, have I fed them, provided water, given them boiled eggs, yoghurt, rice, sun etc. They brought him a lot of joy and made him very happy. My father & his sister have  now adopted these chooks as their own children and have been paying them undivided attention daily.Thanks again for providing these beautiful chooks. They have brought hope and a ray of sunshine for my family. I just need to get over the fact that I come second after the chooks to my dad! ;)  I just recommended a friend (Brian) to you for chooks hence I thought I'd express my appreciation to you and the special chooks.

Regards, Mo (Mohamed)


Hi Deb, Just letting you know the chooks have settled in very well.  The kids, family and friends all love them.  Their names are Crunch (black), Spazzy (grey), Honey Cuddles (brown) and Fonzie (brown with speckled feathers).  They keep us entertained with their funny behavior in sorting out their "pecking" order. 



Took a week to settle, 'Dotty' our olderbantam gave her serious hurry curry. We sleptthe frizzle in an old rabbit hutch inside the hen house for about 5 nights. The war is over now and they have settled on who is in charge. She ( the frizzle is loved and adored by all the children)

Thanks again,Kelly


Hi Deb, Just a quick update on the three chooks we bought a month ago, (and the big chook that arrived uninvited).  The big one found a new home through Lort Smith. Thanks for your advice on that one.  Henrietta, Sheep and Korma are doing splendidly. They roam the yard and verandah, and have become very tolerant of Sam's natural inquisition.   The cat has dealt with it well and pretends they are not there.   Though at first skeptical, the household now finds itself fully chooked up and loving its new companions. Thanks for all your help. It's a lovely business.  

Regards, Ben

Hi Deb, Just in case you are wondering how our chooks are getting along, (We bought 4 from you in November last year) Here is a short film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YEjM_YTeFw  Bluey, the red one, has now usurped the black one as boss-chook. It is all very exciting. We hope they will be laying soon. 

Regards, Faith

Hi Deb, I purchased 8 of your gorgeous chickens in December of last...we just love them to bits! Miranda started laying eggs two weeks ago and it is only a matter of time before the next oldest hen, Esmeralda does. Miranda is quite the little layer at the moment, she is popping out one a day right now. We are sure the novelty will wear off soon. Sorry we haven't sent you any pics, we will get around to that...one day. We are interested in purchasing one of your chook houses. Either style will be fine as hubby has no time to rustle up another one in the immediate and not so immediate future.

Cheers Margo

Hi Deb!  Two of the eggs have hatched! Oscar is thrilled. We're thrilled with the little chickies………….

Thank you so much! Kath

Hi Deb, Just an update of the 3 girls we brought from you just before Christmas. Their names are Betty, Ethel and Goldie. Everyone - 5 cats and a dog plus chooks are getting on famously. The girls free range around the yard all day and take themselves off to bed at 8-8.30pm every night. Betty the eldest has just started laying! 3 eggs so far, we're all very excited. We love hanging out with them and observing their gorgeous behavior.Will send you some photos when we have some.

Warm regards Jo

Kate and I thought you would be pleased to know that the three chooks we bought from you a couple of weeks ago have settled in well to their new home. There werea couple of rough days as Mavis and Esme established their authority over Jemima but they are all getting along well now. They usually deliver us 2 eggs a day, but we got 3 yesterday so we couldn't be prouder of the girls! They are all eating out of our hand and are very friendly, even to our friend's young children. The photo I have attached of them (Mavis is gold, Esme is white and Jemima you probably recognize...) was taken as they followed me through the back yard after letting them out for a run this morning to continue their scratching in the back garden, which is surviving well considering we let them do what they like for more than 8 hours a day at the moment! I am doing my best to convince work colleagues and friends how good chooks are to own as pets, so hopefully I won't be the only chook-crazed person at work soon...

Kind Regards, Stew & Kate.

Hi Deb, It has now been 4 weeks and the girls are doing great. Still doing everything together and have now learnt how to roost on their perch.  Hilda started out being the bossiest but has since been taken over by Joyce. Lucy was the smallest (and a week younger) and is now the biggest. Edna (the smallest) is definitely the nosey parker - she rushes to inspect all goings on. They are happy and contented and are even living quite cozily with the guinea pigs. The kids love them and are still eager to feed them, and rush outside to open the door each morning. Hannah frequently checks the nesting boxes -  just in case. Thanks for introducing us to such wonderful pets

Helen, Mt Evelyn


Hello Deb, We bought 3 chickens from you in October. Winnie is the black chook, Maryanne is the white chook and Christine is the brown chook. This is in the chicken run, they now have the run of the yard too, as the dog has got used to them. I was surprised as he is a bad tempered Jack Russell and not young, I didn't think he would.All has gone well and the girls have grown and lay eggs now most days.

Stella and Tim

Hello Deb, We are the proud parents of 4 chickys – not a bad conversion I think from 5 eggs. This includes one egg that Theodora ‘peeled’ about one third of the shell from about 2 days before it was due to hatch. She did not break the membrane, but I could see the movement of the chick beneath. It was a bit horrifying to see, but I quickly put it back beneath the mother and it hatched healthily. As you said, the 2 mother hens are sharing the parenting responsibilities very harmoniously. Both Bob and Spud are excellent parents. The chicks are now 1 week old, and a mix of colours. They are very sweet, and the children love them. I will update you on their progress later on.

Thank you for all of your advice and help – it was appreciated, Lara and Simon

Hi Deb. I hope all is well with your flock. “Bob” and Spud and both fit and well, and supplying us with plenty of eggs. Further to that, Bob has gone broody and is sitting on eggs – but of course without the knowledge that nothing will happen. We were wonderingif you have any fertilised eggs that we could buy to put under bob so that we may have 1 or 2 chickys.Would you please be able to let us know?

Thanks very much, Lara and Simon

Hey Deb, Just thought I would let you know that the chickens are doing well. They spend nights inside still and outside in the coop for most of the daylight hours. They also have a free run for an hour or 2 each day. They seem to love playing chasie with each other running around in circles flapping their wings, which is really funny to watch.

Cheers Jeff

Hi Deb, The three chookies I bought from you a few weeks ago are so beautiful. I have named them Loretta (because she sort of looks like your Loretta) Martine, and Celeste.My 2 year old son Ely just called them "the babies" and always wants to helpfeed and cuddle them. When I brought them home a few weeks ago we spent the afternoon putting together a nice little fox/mouse/rat proof box for them to hang out inuntil later in the summer, whenthey grow big enough to be with mytwo older bossy hens.Luckily we haven't had any really cold nights so far so I haven't needed to bring them inside, but many hot days we have put their boxunder the shade of the oak tree so they can see the canopy above. They tell methey're happy.

Thank you for everything, Jill.


Dear Deb, The chickens have been great! We play with them every day and love them very much. Our dog, Nutmeg, is getting used to them and has almost started playing with them. They have learned how to jump up on their perch, except they still sleep in a corner of their bedroom. They have grown much bigger since we got them! Their names are Chuckles (brown), Smudge (blue) and Cookies (white).

We thank you so much for allowing us to buy-a-chook!

Love from Sophie!!


Hi Deb, just to a say thanks for letting us come around and see your chooks and chicks, my husband was very impressed with them and the chook houses. Will let you know how I go with hatching these eggs, I think I told you hatched 8 out of the last 12, so happy with that, they are now under a broody, who is doing a great job.  Have been hatching all week and my favorite hen has taken to 12 that have hatched almost a week apart, she is very patient with the stragglers, I knew she was my fav for some reason!

Thanks again,Denise


Hi Deb, yes all is well - they are growing madly! Daisy, the dark one, is the biggest and is getting quite tame. Emily is very frisky and will take any chance to jump up and sit on the top rim of the box!!! They have been going out into the coop during the day when it is warm enough and coming inside at night and on days like today. They were a bit shy in the coop at first, hanging back near to the food and door to the nesting area but yesterday they started scratching around more.They eat heaps and love Solomon's left over breakfast oats and veggie slops! Here'sa picture of the coop - its been painted a bit more...and there's an arch cut through to the nesting area now.

Cheers Hazel

Deb, Just to let you know we've had our 1st egg, laid by Penny (little buff girl) on Saturday.I heard lots of clucking this morning as I left for work, so I expect a few more sweet wee eggs today.   Sooooo exciting

Hope all's well with you ............Veronica xx


Deb - just to let you know that everyone thinks the bantams are just superb - we've had 4 eggs since Saturday - so we're hoping for one each day!!!! Great idea - we may even get the local paper down for a shot of our 'girls'!!!!

Thanks, Doreen - Albert park Child Care Center


We purchased a coop and two hens from 'Book-a-Chook' and have been very happy.  

Deb was very helpful in getting us started with lots of useful advice on how to care for the hens.
We've got two young children who love having the hens in the back yard.  They are easy to care for pets and we've found that not a lot of space is required - we live on a single-fronted block and there is plenty of room in the back yard for a couple of hens.  

There's also the bonus of fresh eggs...

We'd recommend Book-a-Chook to anyone looking to take the plunge and get chooks.

Lara, Simon, Frederick, and Theodora


The chooks I bought from Debbie at BookAChook are gorgeous. 

I got 2 roosters, Harvey and Rupert and a hen called Rosie, after a friend of mine... 

The chooks are all very tame, clean and were in excellent condition.  

Rosie and Rupert are both black and birchen, they were around 15 weeks old and have grown into lovely looking hens and both have great temperaments. 

Harvey I bought later, he is wheaten in color and again is a lovely rooster. 

Deb contacted me to see how the chooks were going on and if they had settled well, which was much appreciated. I am still quite a novice in the chook field, so it was great to hear from her. 

Thanks again Deb, hope you will be a grandma in the spring, and I will definitely send you photos of them when they hatch some babies.



Hi Debra,

The chooks are bringing us great joy. It made my morning seeing those hens first up.

The children are really learning to look after them and respect their space.

The four year olds have just loved them and because they are so tame they can really be involved with them- feeding etc.Rupert started crowing just before the start of session this afternoon which caused great celebration..  

I have seen very active and unsettled children sit down quietly and watch the chooks eat their scraps. It's soothing and meditative and who doesn't need that?

Apart from that, our newly planted sensory garden is flourishing and my four year old group is involved in looking after all our pets.

So as you can see your love of chooks will soon be sweeping the nation!

God they are beautiful!! Some committee members are working hard to see how we can accommodate chickens full time which is great and what I had hoped

Love Beth - Oakleigh Primary Kindergarten


Hi Deb,

Just letting you know that the chooks have settled in really well, and seem to be happy and we are happy!  In the morning they ran out looking for the scraps that l put out.

They come into the garden area, have a peck, with the cold they  settle in early for the night.

We have named them, Charlotte, the black, Hazel the 4month one, Peaches, orange round the neck, and Beryl the grey.

The only problem is the rabbit, who has to get used to them…... as she charges at them!

We love them!!!

Thanks Lorna


Hey Deb and guys,

I'm just letting you know that the 2 hens we bought from you a few weeks ago are doing just fine. One was a white 12 week old that looked like a dove , we called Minty .The other was a black hen we have named Lucy.They have now intergrated well with our Leghorns after a few scary moments with our Big Boy Lou, probably just too many women to deal with at once! You probably dont remember me but I came over one Sunday with my 2 children, Marlee and Daniel; I'm the Father with the long hair, and you just amazed us that you had a passion ,like us , in that your love of chooks was outstanding.

Saw Hobo in the paper and straight away had to congratulate all of you on your great effort,keep up the good work,

cheers Ronny and Family.


 Hi Deb, 

Just to let you know the girls have settled in very well, Patsy has just laid her first egg so there is lots of excitement.

The children are very interested in them and have spent most of the morning watching them scratch in the dirt and they have been having some fabulous dust baths. 

We have fixed the structure that we made so it connects to the door of their coop so they have got a bit more room to move around, we will leave it for a few days before we let them roam free to allow the children to get used to having them around.

Thanks once again, Staff - Lady Huntingfield Children's Centre


Hi Deb,

We absolutely love Loretta and Wilma.

The joy on the faces of children holding a warm egg is priceless.

I knew I would love them but wasn't expecting everyone else to be so thrilled.

We have decided to keep the coop and have chooks permanently.

Now that we have seen how much space they need we are sure to be able to fit them in at our new centre next year.


 Thanks so much,

 Scott Street Children's Centre


Two of the lovely pictures drawn for me by the gorgeous kids at Scott Street Childrens Centre.

Love the chicks inside the eggs!!


Hi Deb,

Honey Soy, Molly, Flabbergasted and Lorelei are growing and Phoebe and Betsy are excepting their new home. No eggs yet, Eleanor inspects often every day I am sure you will hear the commotion when it happens.

Even my brother is taken by them; he hands feeds and chats away to them, the guinea pigs are terribly jealous.

This has helped to de-traumatize him from our young days battling clucky bantams whilst trying to retrieve eggs.

Kind Regards Maxine, Cassandra and Elated Eleanor


Hey Debs,

Just want to say a big thanks for your time and advice - your website is beautiful!! I love Eggscalibur!!  Congratulations to you and your feathered family.

I was intrigued that you mention roosters and that there is an option to have one - I thought you were not allowed in urban/suburban areas?!? 

Anyway thanks again and I hope your flock are doing well.



Hi Deb, Edward has made himself king of the castle and domestic harmony now reins. He struts around crowing and taking great leaps onto the back of each of the girls.  His only problem is that my white dog, who is the same size as him, has fallen madly in love with him!



Very pleasing to hear your refreshing conversation this morning on 774.

I agree with your commentary, I have had the same experiences with my chooks they each have a personality of their own. 

Regards Stuart


Heard you on 774 this morning. Great website, I love chooks too!

Cheers Jill